COVID-19 and Your Dental Health

Living during a pandemic has brought on a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression to many. We have had to learn to navigate through what is now our “new normal”.  And these feelings can impact our overall health. But, when you think about how stress, anxiety, and depression can affect your body, your mind may…

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National Dental Hygiene Month

October is here and what comes to mind for you? Is it your current dental hygiene habits? While we can be hopeful, we highly doubt that with all the holidays on the horizon that your dental hygiene is what is going through your mind. But we are here to announce that October is National Dental…

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National Dentist’s Day-Dr.Denson

Introducing Dr.Denson for Dentists Day

Today is National Dentist’s Day and we would like to celebrate by introducing you to one of your favorite dentists. He is one of the reasons that all of our wonderful patients’ teeth are amazingly healthy and white day after day. Our very own Dr. Paul Denson.  Dental Education Dr. Denson began his education at…

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National Dentist’s Day-Dr.Keith

National Dentists Day Dr Keith

With today being National Dentist’s Day we thought we would familiarize you with one of your favorite local Lindale dentists. One of the men responsible for keeping our patients’ mouths healthy year after year, our very own Dr.Clay Keith.  Dental Education Dr.Keith is a native of historic Jefferson, Texas, where he graduated salutatorian of his…

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How Dental Health Affects your Overall Health

how dental health affects your overall health

A healthy smile just makes life better. A happy smile improves social interactions, communication and the ability to perform well in work and school. Those, of course, aren’t the only reasons to maintain great oral health though. The National Academy of Medicine reports that oral health is connected to good overall health and oral diseases…

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The Center for Implants and General Dentistry: An Overview

Picture of The Center for Implant and General Dentistry

Dr. Paul Denson, DDS and Dr. Clay Keith, DDS welcome you to their practice – The Center for Implants and General Dentistry – located in the east Texas city of Lindale.  The dentists at Lindale Dentists provide all forms of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. In addition, both doctors are experts at dental implants and…

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Cheese Can Give You a Lot of Dental Health Benefits


Cheese is a great dietary option to go with when you want something that is going to help your teeth and bones. Many types of cheese can provide many health benefits. If you’re not a cheese eater, you may want to consider eating cheese if you would like healthier teeth and oral health overall. If…

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Reasons Teeth Shift During Sleep

Best Senior Dentists Lindale - Tyler TX - Center for Implants & General Dentistry

People tend to assume that once their baby teeth are gone and the adult teeth are all in that there will be no further changes in their smiles. That is not really the case. Your teeth can shift over time, especially while you sleep. Your teeth move around slightly at night. Sometimes it is due…

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Oral Health Benefits of Drinking Lots of Coconut Water

coconut oil

There are a lot of foods and beverages that claim to be good for your teeth, but not many can compare to the benefits of coconut water. This beverage works to rid your body of toxins, and regular consumption can lead to oral health benefits as well as digestive system improvements. Read on to find…

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