Preventive Dentistry

Routine Cleanings:

While regular brushing and flossing should be performed daily, professional dental cleanings are important to fight tooth decay and loss. Plaque that develops on teeth should be removed at least twice per year. Our hygienists are trained to scale and polish with various instruments in a comfortable manner, as well as coach your family on personal oral hygiene practices. Our state-of-the-art dental chairs and TV screens provide a relaxing atmosphere while we take care of your teeth! Read more about Routine Cleanings.

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Dental Sealants:

One of the easiest preventive measures available today, sealants literally “seal” and protect the natural grooves of healthy teeth. Following a thorough exam and cleaning, a clear liquid composite is placed on the teeth and cured with a fiber-optic light to seal around the tooth. Sealants are a strong barrier against food or decay-causing bacteria. Effective for children and adults, sealants are a great investment to protect against cavities and root canals. Read more about Dental Sealants

Complete Periodontal Maintenance:

This means: taking care of your gums! More teeth are lost due to periodontal disease than tooth decay. We develop a periodontal maintenance program to prevent gum disease in the tissue and bone supporting teeth. At the first sign of a problem, which is normally gingivitis, we can treat gum disease and help control the problem with routine exams and directions for home care. Early diagnosis and treatment are vital, and because we are your full-service dentist office, we can detect early warning signs and take preventive measures quickly! Read more about our Complete Periodontal Maintenance.

Oral Hygiene Instruction:

As standard procedure, patients young and old leave our office with the education of daily oral hygiene. Our staff reminds adults and children of good brushing and flossing techniques…and we even throw in a free toothbrush and roll of floss! While we like to see you often, we want you to arrive, and leave, with a healthy, happy mouth! Read more about Oral Hygiene Instruction.

Oral Cancer Screening:

The incidence of oral cancer is growing within the United States and has several known causes including use of tobacco, alcohol, and the most recently discovered cause, sexually-transmitted human papilloma virus, or HPV. Screenings performed in our office can help with early detection and education. To learn more about oral cancer, review information provided by the American Dental Association, or call us for a complete consultation and screening. Read more about Oral Cancer Screening.

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