A cap, or strong, long-lasting tooth-shaped covering that fits over an existing tooth to strengthen, restore, or improve the appearance of the tooth. Read more about Crowns.

Fixed Bridge:

Generally made of porcelain and metal, a fixed bridge is used to replace missing teeth. It is a group of connected crowns, some of which are suspended over the area of a missing tooth or teeth, and the others of which are anchored by the neighboring teeth or dental implants for support. Read more about Fixed Bridges.

Removable Bridge:

Recommended in complex dental situations to restore support and function in the case of several missing and/or damaged teeth. Can be more affordable than a fixed bridge. Read more about Removable Bridges.

Root Canals:

We know, we have heard it before: this term SOUNDS “scary!” However, times have changed and a root canal is not to be as fearsome as it once was. This procedure is needed when the center of the tooth dies, or becomes infected. An injury, crack, or decay can cause serious pain, leading to a necessary root canal, which is a procedure we practice almost daily. Most people try to wait out the pain, but early detection and treatment can make everything go much easier. Read more about Root Canals.

Dentures and Partials:

A full or partial set of dentures, which are a removable version of teeth and gums, brings so many benefits to the patient. Having “teeth” can extend one’s life by improving the “quality of life” they may be living with aging teeth. Dentures allow a person to eat and enjoy the foods they love, have a healthy and beautiful smile, speak confidently, and support facial muscles. Read more about Dentures and Partials.

Dental Implants:

Dental implants replace missing teeth, plain and simple! The design is based on the size and shape of your natural tooth. Click here for more information on Implant Dentistry!

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