What are Single, Multiple and Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Dental implants replace missing teeth, plain and simple! Our team at The Center for Implant and General Dentistry can significantly improve the health, function and appearance of your teeth with the help of a single, multiple, or even full mouth dental implants. The design is based on you, your needs and the size and shape of your natural tooth. Dr. Clay Keith and Dr. Paul Denson can show you the difference in both your function and comfort through a consultation, we can design a customized treatment option that will consider your overall look, medical health, dental health, and function.

What are Dental Implants? Single, Multiple and Full Mouth Dental Implants - Center of Implant & General Dentistry Lindale - Tyler TX
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Can dental implants make a difference?

Patients find that they are amazed at what a dental implant can provide. We restore your function with a post that is strong, stable, and long-lasting. Once your post has healed, we then place a customized dental crown on top, perfectly matched to fit the color, size and shape of your natural tooth so that your bite isn’t affected and your function is restored. Dental implants are safe, long-lasting, the crown will never get a cavity, and you will avoid the need for ever needing a root canal. That’s because your new root is a titanium post. Titanium is a biocompatible metal that is used by doctors for skeletal repairs all over the body, including in your knees, hips, and more. This metal has the unique ability to safely remain in your body without rejection, in fact, your living tissue and bone will actually incorporate the metal in, making it part of your skeleton, providing a strong and durable hold. Read more about Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants? Single, Multiple and Full Mouth Dental Implants - Center of Implant & General Dentistry Lindale - Tyler TX

Why dental implants?

Our patients come to us for single, multiple and full mouth dental implants because:
Feels like a natural tooth:Your implant will structurally feel like your other healthy teeth. They do not shift, move, or come loose. This means that you can forget about them, which is ideal.
Provides stable support for crowns, bridges, and dentures: Whether replacing a single tooth, or multiple teeth, dental implants provide the stability needed to keep your prosthesis in place, increasing your ability to chew and aesthetic.
Does not depend on surrounding teeth for support: Other devices use clasps or require permanent alteration to healthy teeth, dental implants allow you to replace only the teeth that are needed.
Easier than extractions: Extraction should always be a last resort. The damage that occurs to your bone and remaining teeth following extraction can be a much larger issue then you can ever anticipate. We want our patients to have healthy, functional teeth.
Long term success rate: Dental Implants has a longer rate of success than any other dental restoration procedure, longer than bridges, longer than partials, longer than dentures. Our patients find that implants is the smarter long term choice.

For our clients to be most comfortable with their knowledge of implants and the choice of such, we have selected these great and simple videos to show and explain the entire process. Click here to view Implant Vision!