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New Year, New Smile

New Year New Smile

By Editorial Team | January 1, 2021

A new year and a new you. That is usually the motto everyone hears in Lindale this time of year. We all like to make resolutions to try to make ourselves a little better when a new year comes around. But have you thought of making any resolutions when it comes to your dental health?…

dental implants

Give Yourself the Gift of Dental Implants this Holiday

By Editorial Team | December 16, 2020

You Don’t Have to Live With Tooth Loss There are distinct advantages to living in the modern world. One of these, from the dental perspective, is the ability to live without the stigma and challenges of tooth loss. According to the Periodontic Association of America, roughly 175 million people, of all ages, have lost one…

healthy holiday smile

Maintaining a Healthy Holiday Smile

By Editorial Team | December 2, 2020

It’s not easy to stay healthy during the holidays. Sweets seem to appear everywhere you go, and with all of the present-wrapping and card-writing, there’s not much time to devote to you and your family’s health and well-being. Luckily in our youth we were blessed with Hermey the Elf, best known for his adventures with…

5 steps to a healthier thanksgiving

5 Steps to a Healthier Thanksgiving

By Editorial Team | November 18, 2020

This year are you thankful for that beautiful smile of yours? If not, you certainly should be. This Thanksgiving we’d like to take a moment to share some teeth-safe Thanksgiving habits to help you keep on smiling well into the new year.  Thanksgiving Tip #1: Skip the sugar Whether it’s pumpkin pie or a marshmallow-topped…

how dental health affects your overall health

How Dental Health Affects your Overall Health

By Editorial Team | November 4, 2020

A healthy smile just makes life better. A happy smile improves social interactions, communication and the ability to perform well in work and school. Those, of course, aren’t the only reasons to maintain great oral health though. The National Academy of Medicine reports that oral health is connected to good overall health and oral diseases…

oral health and halloween

Oral Health and Halloween

By Editorial Team | October 19, 2020

Watch out! It’s almost Halloween! Temporary Halloween stores are springing up, yards are decorated with ghoulish décor, and our day of sugar coated indulgence without guilt is almost here. Everywhere you look, there’s your favorite candy or chocolate wrapped in scary yet appealing packaging, always tempering you to grab another.  As delicious as that candy…

dentist during covid-19

Is it Safe to See the Dentist During Covid-19?

By Editorial Team | October 5, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the ways we live and work – injecting it with fear along the way. With our day-to-day tasks modified and health concerns at an all-time high, many are wondering, “is it safe to go to the dentist during COVID-19?”.  We at The Center for Implant and General Dentistry understand. We…

Sedation Dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

By Editorial Team | September 30, 2020

Have you ever been afraid of the dentist? Going to the dentist, even just for a checkup, can be a terrifying experience for some. But as we all know, our fears are not normally something we can control. To be fair, dentistry is one of those trades that use a lot of sharp tools, needles,…

how to brush your teeth

How to Brush your Teeth: The Right Way

By Editorial Team | September 23, 2020

Proper brushing is the first step on the journey to a healthier smile. This is not a secret, but what does that mean? How should you brush your teeth the right way. If you fail to brush your teeth thoroughly and with a good technique, your teeth may look and feel clean but layers of…

Fall Sports Dental Tips

Fall Sports Dental Tips

By Editorial Team | August 28, 2020

Fall in Texas means one thing – sports, prominently football. Professional football, college football, high school football, and peewee football just to name a few. And the fall sees the rise of other sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and cross country as well. All of these sports can make for a fall and exciting…