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Warning Signs Your Mouth Needs Dental Care

By lindaledentist | June 20, 2018

Having good oral hygiene is not only important to your mouth, but to your overall health. In recent years scientific studies have tied your oral health to your physical health. A dental examination can, not only identify dental problems, but will identify other serious health conditions. These are some of the warning signs your mouth…

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Times When You May Need to Redo a Root Canal

By lindaledentist | June 10, 2018

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure in which the soft tissues of a tooth are removed and treated before the placement of a seal. While this is an efficient treatment and can often save your tooth, there may be times that a repeat root canal is necessary. Why Did Your Root Canal Fail? There…

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Tricks to Help You Stop Clenching Your Teeth When You Focus

By lindaledentist | May 20, 2018

One of the most common times to struggle with clenched teeth is when you are trying to focus on a task. Your mind is trying to figure out how to accomplish that task, and to put more effort behind it, you clench your teeth without even realizing it. The next thing you know, your jaw…

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Top Three Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

By lindaledentist | May 10, 2018

Are you at risk of developing oral cancer? Would you know if you were? The truth is, many people do not know if they are putting themselves at risk for oral cancer. What they do know is that they do not want to get it. Thankfully, there are some pretty obvious risk factors for developing…

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Dentists Can Do a Lot to Help with Anxiety If You Simply Talk to Them

By lindaledentist | April 20, 2018

Dental anxiety, whether mild or severe, is thought to affect nearly 75 percent of Americans, both adults and children. Dental procedures are so widely-feared that dentists and others in the field have been looking for the best solutions for patients for many years. Through the use of anything from pharmacological agents to relaxation and breathing…

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Damage Sugars Do to Your Enamel

By lindaledentist | April 10, 2018

Learning the relationship between plaque and sugar is important in knowing what damage sugars do to your enamel. There are numerous dental health issues linked to sugar. Decay to gum disease due to high sugar intake is responsible for ruining healthy smiles everywhere. While doing away with sugar entirely is not necessary to ensure the…

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How Power Flossers Clean Better Than Traditional Floss Can

By lindaledentist | March 25, 2018

For as long as flossing has existed, there has been a portion of the population that has hated flossing, for one reason or another. From difficulty controlling the floss, to sensitive gums or just forgetting to do it, many just didn’t perform this vital part of our dental health regularly, or at all. Enter the…

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How Much Saliva Do You Make Each Day

By lindaledentist | March 15, 2018

Only a few of us has even thought about how much saliva we actually make in one day. In this article we are going to be discussing how much saliva can one person make each passing day. Producing Saliva The average person makes up approximately 0.5 milliliters of saliva per minute. That really don’t sound…

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White Bread is Not Good for Your Oral Health and Here is Why

By lindaledentist | February 23, 2018

A lot of people do not realize that the white bread that is sold in stores is just as harmful to your health and teeth as candy is. Many people think that what they are eating does not have any sugar and that it is not bad for your health. It is just bread, right?…

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What Types of Dental Problems Cannot Be Fixed with Dental Veneers?

By lindaledentist | February 13, 2018

Many people want to fix a number of dental problems when they do not like their smile. Many of them think about veneers and what they can do to the inside of the mouth to change the appearance. When the person has the right appearance inside the mouth, they feel more confident than ever being…