What Types of Dental Problems Cannot Be Fixed with Dental Veneers?

Many people want to fix a number of dental problems when they do not like their smile. Many of them think about veneers and what they can do to the inside of the mouth to change the appearance.

When the person has the right appearance inside the mouth, they feel more confident than ever being able to smile wide and show off their pearly whites.

However, veneers are nice, but they are not able to fix every dental problem that a person may have. Here are some things that dental veneers are unable to fix inside the mouth.

Problems That Cannot Be Fixed with Veneers
Any missing teeth in the mouth cannot be fixed with veneers. Usually a partial denture is needed and then the veneers can be added to the other teeth around the area to finish out the look of the smile.

If the person has a bad bite, then dental veneers are unable to fix this. The person would have to consider dental braces in order to fix that issue. If more than one or two teeth are crooked, veneers are unable to fix this and again, braces might need to be considered for a straighter smile.

Veneers will not do the job you need to do and they will not mean that you can stop brushing and flossing. It just means that you have a more dazzling smile that you can feel more confident and proud of. You still have to work to get to where you need to go. The smile will just help you along the way.

Speak with us here if you want to find out more regarding the dental problems you are having and the help we can provide you with. No one should have to worry about not being able to cash in on the benefits of a whiter, more beautiful smile in the end.